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Rhonda Drakeford | The Brutal and The Beautiful
The joy [and pain] of London life is its constant evolution.

From a bomb crater rises a brutalist mega structure of modernity, whilst elsewhere, a Georgian house is slowly filled to bursting point over time with architectural artefacts that idolise the past…
Our walk will commence at the Conservatory within the Barbican centre where we are introduced to the idea of contrasting textures between brutalist architecture and luscious foliage and planting.
We continue through an area that has seen massive changes in architecture and occupation, discovering the often awkward but sometime glorious relationships between the old and the new. We finish at Darkroom, situated in one of Bloomsbury’s prettiest streets where one can immerse oneself in contrasting designs from London and across the globe…
Tickets include coffee or tea, and the recognisable Darkroom notebook to jot things down along the walk. 

  • About the talk/speaker
  • Rhonda is a designer and part owner of the celebrated London store Darkroom. Her background has evolved from Graphic design, originally being a founding partner of the consultancy Multistorey []. She now works mainly in interiors, textile and product design, where her style is known for it’s bold use of colour and pattern and has become the backbone of what has become Darkroom’s signature and very distinctive aesthetic.