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Antiques in Contemporary Design, with Caroline Groves

Penelope Sacorafou, historian and founder of Fox & Squirrel, will be interviewing Caroline Groves, the highly acclaimed craftswomen who specialises in bespoke shoes and bags. Caroline, the great-granddaughter of Walter Curtis, a founding member of the Guild of Handcraft, has always been surrounded by beautiful objects and is particularly inspired by her ancestor’s work and Ashbee silverware.

Her fascination with beautiful objects has seen her travel the world to visit antique markets, such as Grays, on the hunt to find treasures that tell the story and history of the world’s most talented craftsmen. Penelope’s discussion with Caroline will immerse the audience in her explorations of antique fairs but will also narrate how contemporary design derives inspiration from the works of bygone eras, highlighting to all the legacy of craftsmanship that is hidden in antiques.

Caroline is known for her ability to breathe new life to her antique finds by incorporating them into her work. For example, at Grays she found a Van Den Borch clasp with enamel and mother of pearl, dating from 1909; the clasp then adorns a handmade bespoke leather clutch she made for one of her clients in Russia. Another example is an Edwardian photo album, whose shape and intricate leather embossing has been the source of inspiration for Caroline’s latest leather clutch, exhibited for the first time during London’s Craft Week in May. Caroline’s work has also featured in exhibitions at the V&A and will be part of their upcoming show ’Shoes, Pleasure and Pain’.


Talk’s Summary

* Talk takes place in Music Room, next to Grays Antiques in Mayfair . For directions click here

* Talk takes place on Monday, 15th of June, at 3 pm

* Talk lasts 45 minutes

* £10 per talk, £18 for two or £25 for three

* Enjoy a glass of Prosecco on arrival!