Ian Bruce | A Portrait of Deptford


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Portrait painter, Ian Bruce, is going to take you on a little tour of his neighbourhood. The walk will start at his studio where you can discover the full range of his work from painted animation to an exquisite book of delicately drawn pornography. Participants are encouraged to send Ian a photo of themselves before their visit. At the studio they will find themselves included in a drawing which they can take away with them.

After a cup of tea the tour continues to Acme artists studios. A stones throw from his front door these studios were built in the 70s in a former ships propeller factory. There Ian will introduce you to his favourite artist and have a perusal of his studio.

This will be followed by a walk through Deptford market, one of London’s oldest and quirkiest of street markets. A diamond in the rough is found more often than you’d think in amongst the stacks of old junk, old trunks and old clothes.

It’ll be lunch time by this point and there is no better place to eat than The London Particular in New Cross. Becky, the head chef, is a genius and you won’t find a better plate of food for around £10.