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Gift Voucher – Food Walk: Bloomsbury


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Food and its preparation do not tend to be associated with craftsmanship, if considered in the context of items that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Indeed it is these items that give us windows into the past, and create a backdrop for the future. Yet the preparation of food, recipes that are passed down over time, the anecdotes that always inevitably surround conversations about food, these are no different to the skill required for hand blown glass or carpentry, textiles or jewellery design. Food, although ephemeral, tells the story of how we live, both past and present. On this walk, Fox&Squirrel looks at food as a form of artistic exploration.

We will visit with chefs and artisans who are skilled at creating food that is both beautiful to look at and beautiful to eat. We will discuss how food and preparation techniques require as much skill as any traditional craft. We will consider food’s anthropological relevance by looking at its place in history and how the passing down of recipes and traditions, through word of mouth or even in the form of apprenticeships, are essential to the continuity of food as craft. Set within the context of the history of the Bloomsbury, this three-hour walk will shift how we view cooking and eating.



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