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The concept of luxury, a complicated term in itself, is constantly in flux as its cultural and social significance never ceases to evolve. Mayfair offers a microcosm in to the evolution of British luxury fashion and its history.

This walk traces this historical transformation from the early 17th century when Mayfair becomes the destination for luxury craftsmen and sheds its reputation as a sleepy village on the outskirts of London, to the 21st century, where the term luxury is reinvented after the tumult of the most recent global recession. While the 17th century sees artisans and craftsmen producing objects that were the ultimate in refined taste, the 19th century ushered in an era dominated by mass industrialisation.

The perception of luxury was reimagined in Mayfair once again, as tailors and dressmakers lined the streets with yarns of exotic textiles with which they made one off attires for the upper echelons of British society. Join Fox & Squirrel on a walk through Mayfair where we talk to some of Britain’s most luxurious fashion brands, craftsmen and artisans on this pursuit to understand the physical, conceptual and cultural significance of luxury, what it says about us, and how its past tells our future.


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