We spend our days glued to our laptops, we slay away on excel spread-sheets, frantically try to respond to emails while pacing from one meeting to another. We remedy this intense work life with a meticulously planned social life. Our busy social calendars become  a source of comfort as we mechanically march through the week.

I urge you to stop for a second.

We live in the creative and cultural capital of the world, and yet to most of us it remains a mystery. By planning so much we sacrifice spontaneity, by being so eagerly social we end up with no ‘me time’. It is during spontaneous moments, the unplanned hours that we feel inspired to venture out onto the streets for a ramble through London. It is during these moments that we open ourselves up to new boroughs, to the diverse beauty of London that can be found in abundance. It is when we let ourselves learn and let our city be our conduit and a source of inspiration that we get to know it.

I first set up Fox & Squirrel 5 years ago. I dedicated hours in the week to walk an area of London. I found these moments the most meditative times in my life and I know that like me, many others are in need of such times. But, as well as finding the headspace, I also looked up and I looked down, I found out my favourite font adorns Victorian gutters, and it is on these walks I met some of the most fascinating individuals. Many of whom have become the most colourful additions to my social life.

5 years on, having guided so many people through London I remain truly inspired by it.

I feel refreshed when I learn something new or meet another fabulously creative individual. One of my favourite features of my job is that I’ve always enjoyed sharing with you this information . For this reason, starting in May, I have invited some of the creative Londoners that I have met along the way to to co-host with me a new series of walks.

On these one- off events London’s most creative practitioners will tour us through the parts of London that they love, draw inspiration from, live and work in. Mr Bruce, from the band The Correspondents, will take us on a walk through Deptford leading us to his favourite restaurant; Tristram Stuart, founder of Feed 5K,will show us how to brew beer using discarded bread while he guides us through Stepney, and the acclaimed Kate Young who writes the Baking Fiction column of The Guardian will walk us through Bloomsbury narrating how food has helped authors evoke the most delicious representations of Britain in fiction.Have a browse of what is on offer here

And, this is just the beginning! Throughout the weeks we’ll be adding more. It is nearly May, and the sun is creeping through the grey clouds, after the winter hiatus lets call it time to reconnect with London.


P.s.: Image was taken during a Fox & Squirrel Street Photography Walk in Battersea Park taken by Linda Wisdom