The story of Fox & Squirrel

In 2010, two women named Penelope and Jojo were living in London, searching for jobs to go to once they’d graduated with MAs in Cultural and Creative Industries from Kings College.

The city was still deep in recession, and finding work was proving to be a frustrating, demoralising task. Taking inspiration from the Victorian Lady’s Guide Association (1880), a group offering employment prospects to educated middle class women, training them as guides and personal shoppers, Penelope and Jojo saw an opportunity, and Fox & Squirrel was born.

The whole of London became their battleground, and a group of incredibly talented, knowledgeable and creative individuals their ground troops. They started to map London’s cultural terrain, and within just a year of operation, Fox & Squirrel was awarded the prestigious title Best Guided Walks by The Guardian.

Fast-forward three years and Penelope is now running Fox & Squirrel solo. The company has expanded its repertoire to include walks focused on art, fashion, food, street photography, architecture and film. A Brixton-based food writer named Lindsay goes undercover for one of Penelope’s Brixton Food Walks, with the aim of reviewing it for the local press.

Feigning a lack of local area knowledge, Lindsay (badly) pretends to know anything about Brixton, until her cover is blown by one of the Chefs featured on the walk, and is forced to reveal her true identity. Despite being outed in this way, Lindsay is genuinely impressed with Fox & Squirrel’s local area knowledge, as well as the critical and social commentary the walk incites, and writes a very positive review.

Months later, Penelope is looking for a new food guide, and Lindsay joins the team in a comedic display of poacher-turned-gamekeeper, and the new dynamic duo is born.

Fox & Squirrel continues to thrive and grow. Walks remain the face of Fox & Squirrel, but we also collaborate with established, prestigious brands such as The Connaught, Getty Images and The New Craftsman, as well as provide bespoke consulting services for private clients, Business Improvement Districts and PRs.